Neither of which are the topic of this blog….

Over the last year that we at 365 Foods have been blogging, we have talked about food as art, food as craft, food as memory, food as many things.  Today I want to share my thoughts about commensality.

I had prepared to blog about creme de menthe today, but I reconsidered this morning.  Yesterday, I arrived home to find a tired, grumpy husband.  His day had been long and generally unsatisfying.  There were no great dramas or tragedies, just a generally crappy day.  Mine had been about the same.  He poured me a glass of wine and when the subject of dinner came up he said he wanted comfort food.  To us, that means bread, cheese and wine.  Last night that meant a wheel of St. Morgan, some red pepper jelly, some smoked oysters, some calabrese and some crackers… and of course, another bottle of wine.  It was not an elaborate meal, it wasn’t a nutritious meal and it wasn’t meant to be either of those things.  It was the centrepiece to an evening of eating, drinking, talking and laughing.  It was nourishment, not for the body, but for our relationship.  We went to bed a little later and a little drunker than we should have but all the happier for it.

For me, food tastes best when shared.  The finest and most delicious of dishes is only vaguely satisfying without someone to share the experience, whether that’s with twenty people gathered for a family feast or two reaching over the coffee table for another wedge of cheese.  When life gets busy I think we are guilty of neglecting the truly important things in life.  Last night we both needed to turn off the TV, shut down the computer and push aside the books.  The food was an essential part of the evening, but it could have been anything from pizza to a fried egg sandwich and still satisfied its basic function.

I know I haven’t told you anything you don’t already know.  But I know I need to be reminded myself sometimes.  Take time to nourish your life.

BTW… I like my linguini with clams and creme de menthe in my hot chocolate.