Putting the Olé! In National Guacamole Day

For National Guacamole Day I once again teamed up with my chef friend Marta Pan to make a dreamily delightful guac and accompaniments.

Marta has a press for handmade corn tortillas and makes these – they’re so easy to make her 13-year old makes them too – often enough that I’m addicted. However, this time we used Manny’s corn tortillas from Safeway – a great alternative that we wrapped in a damp towel and microwaved til warm and soft.

mannys corn tortillas

The guac itself was so simple – three perfectly ripe avocados, lime juice, sea salt. The Olé came from Marta’s pico de gallo, another staggeringly simple but delicious dish that consists of minced onions and tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice and sea salt. Last time we made guacamole we mixed in some of the pico de gallo; this time we just poured the juice in.

pico de gallo

Either way, the oniony, fresh taste of the pico enlivens and finishes the guacamole, and the juice leaves it so creamy it’s almost like a spread.

Final additions were finely sliced cabbage, which gives the whole thing a wonderful crunch, sour cream, and fried fish chunks – no cheese, as fish tacos don’t need it. Some at the table also added Scotch Bonnet hot sauce, though not me – I have finally, it seems, after insisting on trying hot things others are eating mostly out of a spirit of competition, learned my lesson…

This meal is fresh, healthy, gluten, nut and dairy-free, easy, quick and cheap to make, delightfully messy to eat, and perfect for sharing with friends.


It just doesn’t get any better than this. Olé!

~ Deb