The term “cheeseburger” is not very descriptive. What actually constitutes a cheeseburger? Does the cheese have to be on top? Or can it be in the patty itself? Or should it have both?

Not having strict guidelines, our (Chelsea and I) cheeseburger project quickly became cheesesliders because we both had very different ideas of what the ultimate blog-worthy cheeseburger would be.

[M] “I’m thinking blue cheese-red wine patty, with fried mushrooms under a slice of cheddar.”

[C] “Oh. I was thinking French herb patty with carmelized onions and brie!”

[M] “hmmm… lets just do a trio of sliders.”

[C] “the last one should be spicy.”

[M] “Chris can do that one.”

And so our cheeseburger became cheesesliders. This was the original plan:

I wanted mine to be really punchy with the blue cheese patty, but also rich and creamy so I put some Shiraz in the patty and bread crumbs so that the burger stuck together alright. And I put cheddar on top to get that ooey gooey consistency. The tomato was just because I like tomatoes. Though the flavour turned out well, but the consistency was not what I had imagined. As it turns out, because sliders are so little, there isn’t much room for toppings and thus the bread to meat to other stuff ratio is pretty big and the little burgers didn’t actually end up very cheesy at all. But still. SO good.

Chelsea’s favorite cheese is Brie so she went with French Provençal herbs in the patty and topped the slider with some caramelized onions. Her’s was my favourite of the night!

Chris was told that Chels and I wanted a third slider and it should be spicy. And so he pitched his burger to me and I made it happen. All except the cheese. I couldn’t find pepper-jack. Instead we used Cumin Gouda which was actually SO good. Try it. We also didn’t end up putting cheddar in the patty. It would have fallen apart since cheddar gets so greasy. For extra heat I added crushed red peppers to the patty. This was my 2nd favourite.

This was one of the best dinners I’ve had in ages! All three were really delicious.

Here’s the end result:

Our Trio of Cheesesliders

After asking around a bit, the consensus is that a cheeseburger must have cheese melted on top of a patty.

I agree. What I love about cheeseburgers is the super creamy texture. You can get that from feta or from a blue cheese patty on its own. I needed the cheddar!

When I think of a cheeseburger, I picture a Jack in the Box Bacon Ultimate. That is a cheeseburger. Its creamy, salty, and oh so indulgent and yummy. But it isn’t the only way to do it! Experiment! All of these burgers were really yummy. The creaminess of the brie was fantastic and I would recommend doing a blue cheese burger with Bresse Bleu to achieve that same texture with the sharpness of the blue cheese. “Cheeseburger” is open ended. It’s up for interpretation.


P.S. We were going to make playdough for National Playdough Day, but we never got around to it. As it turns out, three of our little sliders is really filling and motivation to make playdough was lost. Another time : )