Dear Readers: It’s National Pecan Cookie Day. While I might be able to wax poetic about a humble little cookie, I have to tell you my heart/stomach wouldn’t be into it. But what am I feeling enthusiastic about? How about Team 365foods going on a 36 hour dine around of Portland, one of America’s finest food cities? Yes it’s true – with only a few days left in this year of food, the team finally hit the road. And boy, did we make you proud.

Here’s a little photo essay of nearly everything I ate in 36 hours. You could judge me… or just admit you’re jealous! 😉

1:30 pm – E and I hit the famous farmer’s market. We’re both starving. First stop was the House of Poland, for pirogies and chicken meatballs.

2:00 – full of potato dumpling goodness, we turn to Rogue Ales to quench our thirst. Bonus points to American farmer’s markets for allowing beer at the market.

2:45 – we’re already tired of walking. It’s hot. Better try a wheat beer (sadly, can’t remember what this was called). Eva?

3:00 What goes with beer better than pretzels!

3:15 Yay! B is here! More beer!

5:00 – we retreat to our room (and our room’s goldfish) after sampling our hotel’s free wine tasting. We brought Jerry a goldfish cracker for company.

8:00 We’re at Higgins, a french bistro inspired restaurant in south downtown. We start the evening with a lovely bottle of Gewurztraminer from Amity, an Oregon winery.

8:15 – B’s house made charcuterie plate arrives… which I help her devour. Amazing duck mouse, with an aspic topper. and I get to try lardo for the first time! Gold star for this plate!

8:16: fresh mussels in a garlic/ jalapeno broth. yum.

9:00 – Rissotto with heirloom tomatoes, fennel sausage and a pesto garnish.

9:30 Chocolate pot du creme, with the most perfect blackberries you have ever seen!

9:40 – I’m so funny, I make E and B cry. 😉

10:30pm — long slow waddle home, after more wine. No photo available of either the wine or the waddle.

<<<Insert a nice long sleep here>>>

10:30 am! We’re up an at them. Mimosa, espresso and apple cider at the Bijou Cafe. On discovering our canadianess, the waiter proposes marriage, revealing that he wants to be able to fly fish more than 10 days a year. Nobody bites.

11:00 french toast with blackberry compote and whipped cream! B’s bacon and E’s chantrelle mushroom omelet also a hit.

2:00 – lunch in the Mississippi neighborhood of Portland. Big salads and a quesadilla. Lots of water for me, and a beer for E. The girls followed this up with a stop a the icecream store for chocolate and salted caramel cones…or was it honey lavender?

8:00 Dinner! This time at the Irving St. Kitchen in the Pearl District. Great funky decor and a lovely lovely waitress. Some of the best cocktails I’ve ever had ( you can check them out on their website). First up, Edamame puree, with radish and lightly pickles cucumbers.

8:30 a first for me…. herb roasted bone marrow! Served with pastrami marmalade, grilled peaches and a balsamic reduction. Ridiculously good.

9:30 – Oh yes I did! I ordered fried chicken (OMG!), collard greens, smashed potatoes, and country gravy (read, chicken gravy with bacon in it!). I may have been a southerner in another life.

11:30 – E and I round out the night at Portland’s famous Voodoo Donuts. I get this little guy (a “Voodoo” – raised yeast doughnut filled with raspberry jelly topped with chocolate frosting and a pretzel “stake”… looked like a penis to me) and something called an Old Dirty Bastard (raised yeast doughnut with chocolate frosting, Oreo’s and peanut butter). Eat 2 bites of both, and then collapse into a food coma.

Thus ends our time in Portland. Somehow I have to tell you about the amazing meal I had at Anchovies and Olives two nights later in Seattle (geoduck ceviche! Gnocchi w/ swiss chard, bacon and chantrelles!) . But I can’t right now, I’m stuffed.