So yeah… corned beef hash. For the uninitiated, it’s chipped corn beef fried with potatoes, onions and whatever herbs you want to stick in there. It’s one of those classic dishes designed to use up left over meat, potatoes and veggies. Usually served with a soft fried or poached egg on top, it’s salty and starchy and generally great breakfast food.

If someone other than me makes it.

I don’t know what it is with me trying to cook hashbrowns or generally any kind of shredded potatoes in a frying pan, but it never turns out. Is the pan too hot? Am I stirring them too often? Why are they sticking so much? These are all unanswerable conundrums to me. I need a potato tutorial. I come from german potato pancake people… shouldn’t this be second nature?

Mine corned beef hash looked like this… it went from very white to starting to singe. No lovely golden brown color. *sigh*

If you want to make corned beef hash, I would recommend any of the three fork or better recipes on epicurious. I wouldn’t presume to give you directions at this point!


ps: OMG!! THIS IS MY SECOND LAST BLOG POST!!! Where did the year go??