From time to time the 365Foods team is fortunate to have friends join in and contribute a guest blog. We want to thank them for their time and enthusiasm. You can read more about our guest bloggers below.


I’d like to think of myself as an accomplished amateur chef.  I love food and I love to learn and over the years learning about the ingredients, flavours, and techniques of regional cuisine has been a both passion and a welcome diversion from the daily grind.  I started cooking when I was about eleven, going through my mothers spice cupboard, adding them to eggs, either alone or in combination.  I then forced my little brother to ‘test’ my creations which ranged from tasty to toxic.  By fourteen, the frustrated chef in me was fully developed.  Bored by the meat and potatoes menu that dominated in my family home, I convinced my parents to let me cook dinner one weekend – my first effort was chicken cordon bleu.  The dish was a success and my confidence boosted.  It was possible to learn how to cook by reading a book.  The possibilities were endless!

It’s been a few years since those early experiments in omelette making but my passion for trying new things and developing my own recipes has never waned.  Since then, my pallet has matured, my skills improved and my knowledge grown, but I know there will always be something new and exciting to try.  I lean towards savoury over sweet.  I like the pastry more than the pie filling.  I have a real weakness for all things fried.  I always have Kraft Dinner in my pantry.  It sits next to the coconut milk and the hominy.  Currently, there are eight kinds of cheese in my fridge and seven kinds of rice in the cupboard.  And, as my dear friend Eva would say, I am a shameless bacon eater.


Sage’s first culinary experiment was chocolate chip pizza at the age of 6.  Since then she has learned that not all good flavours are good bedfellows.  Her greatest pleasures come from activities that combine creativity with hands-on technique, so it’s no wonder she loves to cook.  She was introduced to food exploration at a young age by her Mom, who has a flair for exotic flavours and healthy ingredients.

What Sage lacks in efficiency she makes up for in enthusiasm, often spending hours preparing dinners for her very patient and supportive guinea pigs (especially her boyfriend, L).

Sage is excited to be a guest-blogger here at 365foods and share her love of all things nom.


Deb is the alternately exhilarated and despondent single mom of a teenage son living in North Vancouver, where the trees are green and the mountains pretty, but the streets are dark and boring. A creative chef at an early age, the enforced meal production endemic to parenthood had me equally jaded about cooking until Jamie Oliver came into my life. These days, with the neighbourhood slumbering outside, home-cooked food is the main attraction. For now…


Rolf cooks almost every evening for his young family.  Sometimes it’s inspired, most of the time it’s just edible.  One of his favourite words is Umami.