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We did it!

I think on October 3, 2009, I made a bet with Berry’s husband, who said we won’t make it 3 months. In fact, it’s the first of October, and we’ve gotten the entire year under our belt. Not without some drama, but gosh darn it we did it.

However, it must MUST be said that we could never have done it without the help of our talented, dedicated, creative and all around fabulous guest bloggers:

Veronica & Bill
Ian & Kristin
Michelle & Teddy

Some of you were with us for the long haul, some of you just stopped in once to share your particular sparkle. But I’m so so very thankful that you joined us on this little adventure.

I can’t speak for Berry or Eva, but one of the the things I’ve enjoyed the most about blogging this year has been the ever growing network of people that have been drawn into the project. We’re from all across the country, we’re 20something to 70something years old. We’ve blogged from campsites, mexican hacienda’s, coffee shops and the kitchen counter. We’ve had illustrated posts, great photography, original recipes, travelogues, rants (yes, Eva, I’m looking at you) and sometimes just really inspired ideas of what to have for dinner. Along the way, we definitely entertained others – we’ve had 35,000+ visits to the site and 1,400+ comments.

I don’t know what’s next. I know that I need a rest from blogging for a while. I think that Eva may feel the same. (Berry is raring to go again!) I’m tossing around ideas along the lines of writing about west coast food, or trying to learn more about food photography. If you have some ideas about what you’d like to read, we’re all ears.

With my gratitude and thanks,