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[Eds: Woot! 365Foods is very happy to welcome new guest bloggers to the fold: Ian and Kristen (some of you may remember Ian from a previous lesson in pastry making). There is a lot of ice cream on the list in June, and we knew we’d need some experts. Team IK (as we like to call them!) eat ice cream every single night, and the last time I peaked in their freezer there was at least 5 different tubs in there. We’re in good hands! Here’s their thoughts on Rocky Road… which they titled “Rocky Road comes to its sacred mecca!]

Hi Lady,

The Rocky Road challenge was not a hard one for Ian and and I. Due to the fact that we are both ice cream addicts and crave/want/desire/lust for and eat it every evening after dinner, all we really had to due was change are usual brands. The idea of making it from scratch did cross my mind until I realized that this task was next to impossible if you do not own an ice cream maker. I must say it would have been nice to add my own personal ingredient ratios. So we did the next best thing and purchased the creme de la creme of ice cream Haagen dazs Extraas Rocky Road.

So the ice cream…..Rocky Road is a combination of chocolate ice cream with marshmallow swirls and toasted almonds. Haagen Dazs is the only brand we could find that still makes the stuff, the flavour combination is an old one that I must admit has been bowled over by many, many more exciting combinations. I know this because I have sampled quite a few of these lovely flavours.

The ice cream was velvety, creamy and rich, much like all of this brands ice cream flavours. There was ample amount of sticky marshmallow swirls and almonds through the chocolate ice cream and to look at my little ice cream bowl I was quite excited to dive in! As we made our way through our bowls both Ian and I agreed that the flavour combination was less than exciting. Maybe 60 years ago this was quite the bold move away from just plain old chocolate or vanilla but to keep up with the peanut butter chocolate bliss, triple chocolate, very berry, mango swirl, peach cobbler and,raspberry chocolate delight you have to offer the taste buds something to talk about!

The final vote was that Haagen Dazs Rocky Road is a good quality ice cream but the flavour combination lacks a little interest. Ian and I are ice cream fanatics and maybe harder to please than the lay person who only eats ice cream with cake or apple pie. Not that we wouldn’t do this too….of course we would.
Hope this answers all your questions, my lactose intolerant friend,

~Kristen & Ian


Today is a “two-fer” day.  We have the guest post of my sister-in-law, N, who loves Candy Corn (I do not) as you will soon see, and all I can tell you about Buy a Doughnut Day is that I did, yesterday, go to Tim Horton’s, that Grand Canadian Institution, and bought a snackpack of Timbits (more variety – I like variety) with the goodly intention of taking pictures of them before I ate them.  Unfortunately, events and my very sick child conspired against me and I never got out the camera.  In fact, I scarfed down my dinner, including my Timbits, and went to bed because the poor little guy couldn’t sleep unless he was being cuddled.  Hence, today’s post is both late and lame (at least on my part – N’s is pretty stellar) AND pictureless (well, except for the picture from the Tim Horton’s Website)


This is the picture of donuts from the Tim Hortons website.

Candy Corn:

(Editor’s Note:  I did valiantly attempt to buy candy corn last night but the medical clinic next to my usual grocery store [where I happen to know for a fact that they carry candy corn] was full and so I had to take baby G to a different medical clinic and the grocery store there did NOT have candy corn!  I could not believe my eyes – but there you have it!  This is why I don’t normally shop there.  They never have anything I want.)

Candy corn is a seasonal candy which, much to my dismay, only ever makes an appearance during the fall season around Halloween and Thanksgiving. The original candy corn was created in the 1800’s by the Wunderle Candy Company.  It is a delicious confection made mostly of sugar, corn syrup and honey but also includes fondant and marshmallow. Fondant is that creamy sugary blend that one would find in a Cadbury egg for example. If you don’t know what marshmallow is, you’re crazy and have no business reading this blog. How does one recognize this yummy treat? Well, it looks like corn! Shaped just like a corn kernel (or an isoceles triangle) the bottom (which is the small tip) is white, the center is orange and the top is yellow. This is the typical color scheme though some have tried to add new colors and flavours to the original candy corn. Do not be fooled by these impostors! Go for the original!

As a sugar addict who cannot resist sugary temptation when it beckons me, candy corn is my heroin. I can’t help myself and I am ashamed. I can eat it by the pound and still want more. What is the appeal you ask? I will tell you. Clearly, candy corn is not chocolate but it is sugary goodness nonetheless and therefore will always have a special place reserved for it in my belly. It is not a hard candy but neither is it soft. It is perfect with its kernel-sized, perfect balance of squishy, melt in your mouth delectability. It accommodates every candy lover’s, candy expectations. If you like hard candy, you can suck on it until it gloriously dissolves in your mouth. (Although that sounds pretty suggestive). If you are a lover of soft candy you can bite right into it without the threat of a chipped tooth. If labour-intensive candy is what gets you going then you can throw in a mouthful and chew till your jaw hurts since they also have a kind of chewy side to them. If you like to play with your food as most children do, then eat it color by color or from top to bottom. If you enjoy a challenge you can even desperately try to split it right up the middle, dissecting the layers of yellow, orange and white goodness. Sadly, I must inform you however, that nine times out of ten, you will likely fail in that endeavour.  Believe me, I’ve done the leg work on this one. So whatever it is you are looking for in your quest for a sugar fix, look no further than the Halloween decorated bulk aisle of your local grocer where you are bound to find the world’s most perfect candy!


(Editor’s Note 2:  If you want to try making your own Candy Corn, check this out!)

Ah … the fluffernutter.  What, you ask, is a fluffernutter?  That’s what I was asking when I discovered that I would be responsible for this post.  I did a little digging, a little research, a little sleuthing, if you will, and discovered that a fluffernutter is a sandwich.  A sandwich made with white bread, peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff®.  Yuck!

Well, that was my first reaction.

That’s disgusting!

That was my second reaction.

Truth be told, I was kind of dreading this day.  But I am a dutiful soldier, so I added the necessary ingredients to the shopping list and conducted a little research.

It turns out that there is just too much to say about the fluffernutter for the tiny little space allowed me here.  A search on Google came up with 78,000 hits in 0.25 seconds!  There has long been a lobby to make the fluffernutter the state sandwich of Massachussetts and a corresponding lobby to ban it from the State schools.  Fluffernutters, apparently, provoke strong reactions in people.  It may even have provoked a war!  I stumbled across a video of the fluffernutter song.  And the history of the FN is kinda interesting.

Marshmallow Fluff® is the original stuff, hence the “fluff” in the “fluffer, but all we could get was the Kraft version which is called JetPuffed (does that make it a puffernutter?).  It doesn’t really matter what kind of peanut butter you use to be the “nutter”.  I tried Kraft Light and Kraft Unsalted Unsweetened (for the ‘healthy’ version).  Then I spread liberal amounts of each on slices of wonderbread (the white stuff – who buys whole wheat wonderbread – what’s even the point?).

The fixin's

The fixin's

Did I mention that I was a doubter?

Oh. My. God.


Ooey, gooey, disgusting, can’t-stop-eating-it-now-I-get-why-some-people-want-to-canonize-it!!!

When you cut off the crusts, all the goodness starts to ooze out

When you cut off the crusts, all the goodness starts to ooze out

But it doesn’t work out well as finger sandwiches.