365Foods is the pet project of three friends, Eva, B., and Dea, who have long bonded over our love of all things gastronomic, and whose new favourite word is “esculent”. We all live on the west coast of Canada, where we are blessed with access to some of the finest and freshest food in the world.

Dea was fortunate to grow up eating local organic livestock and produce–although as she was living on a farm just outside a town of 700 on the prairies “farm food” wasn’t exactly acknowledged as such. She transplanted to Victoria in 2000 after living and taste-testing her way through locals as diverse as Zimbabwe and St. Lucia (try the conch!). Having put down roots, she’s become a social convener, gently herding friends from gallery nights, to restaurants, to any place fine footwear is likely to be available. D. is an ENTP who doesn’t believe in categorization. You can find more of her thoughts here and her photography here.

Eva, a child of children of the 60s, was born on the west coast but grew up in a farming village in southern Alberta.  From a very young age, she understood that both milk and steak came from cows.  The family freezer was filled every year with the dismembered carcass someone’s 4-H calf, wrapped innocuously in brown paper.  Eva has vaccinated cattle and eaten prairie oysters.  At the age of 18, thoroughly sick of all things beef, she became a vegetarian, prompting the local bartender to quip, “you’re not from around here, are ya?”  Her move to Vancouver seemed inevitable, where she abandoned vegetarianism after tasting tuna tataki for the first time (and she missed chicken wings: judge not, bacon-eaters, lest thou be judged).  Eva has been known to pack a kayak with the ingredients to whip up duck breast with green peppercorn brandy sauce over a fire in the middle of the wilderness (and she always brings an apron).  Eva is happiest in anything approximating a kitchen, surrounded by friends.  She still avoids four-legged meat, but will cook it for her husband.

Like both Dea and Eva, B was raised on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Unlike D and E, B’s parents chose to locate in the mountainous interior of B.C. where the land is rocky and tough, but they still managed to grow lots of food and even murder the odd chicken, pig or cow. B’s father is a joiner and was previously a chef in a variety of high-brow (and low-brow) locations. He is, perhaps, the Greatest Chef Who Ever Lived and also most certainly the Funniest Man on the Face of the Earth. B’s mother makes spectacular chocolate chip cookies and is excellent at finding good recipes for B’s father to make. And thus B started out early with a great appreciation for good food, while learning her culinary skills, and inability to specify amounts, at her daddy’s feet. As she grew, B also acquired a taste for fine wines, single malt scotch and raw fish. B loves the creativity of cooking and rarely, if ever, manages to follow a recipe to the letter, much preferring to invent her own versions or simply create from scratch using the inspiration of fresh local ingredients. B’s greatest fear is that her child will grow up to be a picky eater.